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as _-=-w.i.p.-=-_ as the universe until 2020 + 10^1100 ever will be :(press CLICK HERE to re-start using the intro since we didnt wanna shove it up yow-a (phaser)

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     ncdefm    ne     ncdm  
    n8P  Y8   n8'    n8~88  
    8P       d8'    n8' 88  
    8b      d8888b. V88888D 
    Y8b  d8 88' `8D     88  
     `Y88P' `8888P      VP  

**** fan64@alleycat.be PETNET Version ****
9223372036854775807 MAX INT LIMIT,
2415919104K RAM SYSTEM 854389817344 PETNET BYTES FREE
< - 640 px = 2*320 - >(8px)

very well aware thats not petsci ...(2*8px)
well now its somewhat petscii but a tad off (8px)

(um, mouseover this on right joystick to scroll-enable text with mousewheel on right joystick - simulation of that will require some script over css im afraid) yes well, until Syntax Error does some scraping ... most stuff by JoG will be petscii and gfx anyway followed with hopefully some sid since commodore basic is 100 years ago and we never even got deepre into ASM than freezing and altering with a power cartridge - also , as usual, we have nothing to prove
Featured Petscii or Gfx :
by ZeroDesign
basic code here :
made with Petmate - code might need checking b/c we didnt yet
hm ... and yet , we look at csdb and feel like even THIS is slightly not meh today
these intermediaries will be removed but we'll dig up what we have to check the site and workings
not sure - but if we ever it would have to be something like heart of the maelstrom or apshai but you know that internet connectivity ... "city of LCP 64" or Apshai-mmo ... you know but you know ... there's thousands of ppl with more knowledge on the subject and maybe one or two with a bit more skill too (hah hah) ... and yass but u-huh , we dont really work well with others unless its our harem in chains. You know, an opensource project but b/c of decades of abscence no clue on how many hard machines and how many soft ones b/c its probably easier to get some supergeek to whip up a virtual vice2ip modem than to get some other supergeek whip up a circuitboard to slot into an elder brown box and as such also and as we have nothing to prove its just hypothetical thinking. First of all ZD and SE want to try and whip this into an actual 320x200 / 40x25 page to simulate commoder webpages ... probably upscaled otherwise its gonna be hard to read on a 4K screen ... but that way the pixelratio would be there. Its "in gedanken" mate - not to beat alphabet with bezos money - just thinking ... city of LCP would always have been cool since 1980s , so would Apshai-mmo ... although you probably get a lot more loners with scenoids the connectivity online still stays. If you had city of LCP in the form of a j/cRPG with landplots to build your own base with materials gotten from playing i bet there would be some players if its a free to download that runs on vice with a virtual vice2ip modem ... i mean, people make demoez ... how would that be for a demo (lulz yes?) gud ... is playing elden ring ... not doing alleycat.be - - - shoulda known this thing would draw in.
We would like to dedicate this site to a game everyone's forgotten about - - - ... also , .. this is not CML ofcourse - but we'll try to make it look like to get a feel for it, obviously embedded youtube vids wont be happening as such without extensive moddling , which atm is above our braingrade. Why ? why do you demoze ? ah, to WIN ? well we dont ... we cuz ... ... yea, we cuz, thats about it i think. Akshully this 8px sized font in the 320*2 window is already half too small to be real unless we draw a C-webfont for use thats 4x4 px on the actual machine .. we think thats gonna be "abit" hard to keep it readable.
in the meantime this thing looks "abit" different than it did a day ago - SSssa s'gaaa ZeroDesign for ya'(we dont write jeponese sadly ... thats b/c you wouldnt let us get to the other side of the planet) and closer to a 64-fren site, we SHOULD be playing elden ring, but forgot the magnetism of doing something that has 64 in it hahah ... okay then ... thats enough for one day ... ah , we saw that raised eyebrow ... for the moment consider the scrollbar to be in the borderless zone, that makes it pixelperfect a-ok :) ... 384*2 + 320*2 inside (it gets a bit small at 320*200 on a 4k screen next to this old one here ... )
this one certainly gets A+ cum laude for creative use of resources, right up there with "doom on a vocore"
credz for 3rd party assets : one font :
the other from CommodoreServer.com

logo made with
by ZeroDesign

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le sTuff

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  1. 05/25/2022 :
    18:31:30: : added the .d64 for "boundrless" (the how do i split a nop in half edition ?) as well as the .item on the pages , atm the pages are /d/1024b and /d/2048b , as well as /files/ for the .d64 and downloadables - an indexer that can show all entries or selected will happen sometime between now and dead||ragnarok (or demented, lets hope its not that at least ive seen enough of that)
    its shiney ! very '86 too hahah - about 6irq switches , i really thought you could push more into one but - they must all use trickery ... which is good, its all about the illusion that started with the guy with the flickering lantern anyway
  2. 05/24/2022 :
    09:22:35: : y'all have to excuse us, the .d64 for 1st1(k) is v0.02 now and the item entry has been updated but the video needs re-rendering since thats still v0.01 - if it mattered we would be really bothered - supermea culpa and all that
    Syntax Error
    09:21:23: : pretty wild, you say - id say its "not too bad for a lost soul in a broken body who picked up 6502 ML last week"
    syncing the tune seems harder since its not at 50 - but its shiney, not sure what to do with all those 8kb since i dont know the opcode for starfield but at least we learned you cant do 200 different coloured stable rasterlines within one irq call (but maye you can if you REALLY understand the cycle vs ops ratio
    that would be pretty awesome
    Syntax Error
  3. 05/23/2022 :
    15:58:48: : thats v0.03 , the interrupt was found and wanting, it had too many i thought it could do more but im not the numbers guy so i was waiting for the machine to crash - but it didnt, it just crashed "sometimes" and others gave the something result - this one werkz tho - BUT i had to use a second irq request - *blush* (not ... that was 5 days this is seven , even if drukkerland is GANGSTER i STILL spent 3 years on the street - no matter what mommy says about me (yours) i know what mine would say - i wanna not talk about THAT
    Syntax Error
  4. 05/22/2022 :
    14:40:05: : why am i not "down" ? thats funny, i literally lived in the gutter for nearly three years - but no one was there with me , were they ?
    YOU'll be down, though, this "world of yours" aint over yet. Plz stick to the topic , cube is not for yiffing, this site is aiming for "slightly not meh"
    Syntax Error
    07:22:06: : its good to wake up when you need to - see , the dishes are done, the kitchen is clean, all the doors and cupboards washed off, the laundry is done and folded, the potatoes are peeld everythings ready - de dag des heeren, YOLO, pavlov gnome keeps yanking to stop and do this and dont that, and please stop and i bet it wants to wake us up at nine and then we go like
    we are about 131 rasterlines further now - each one-line, each one-color (as per experiment) but not all stable, the timing ... if we were the numbers guy we probably would have seen it by now but the magic number is mostly 11, but sometimes 12 (rarely) and then sometimes 6 ... (??)
    there must be SOMETHING to it (but maybe well never find out b/c its VICE that doesnt emulate cycle and frame-perfect)
    got a sid-tune playing in it, had a massive idea to put in a spaz-strobe "to the beat" (which actually works lol)
    the logo is a bit snazzier, different colcycle with 2 different manips in the pet-zone
    this one wont be 1024b since the sid tune by henk brasschaat is 3k already so it probably wont be 4k either
    unless we find a way to loop those 131 (aiming for the whole screen or at least all of D021) including the different timing here and there (which puts it off again b/c a branch or a loop adds cycles, AND not even the same amount wether it takes the loop or passes it
    So , ... the lawn i hear, well we have a lifelong theory on that
    which goes a bit like:
    1) the grass will be there tomorrow so we can still weirken
    2) the cat and the birds in the garden love it this way
    3) anyone who is actually peeking over that 2m high hedge to be bothered by it
    should probably check their head
    otherwise me and the cat are the only ones seeing it and
    as a forced-otaku, to quote amanda palmer i took out the trash today, and the house, dishes and laundry is clean plus the foods ready to just turn the stove on
    they never seem to understand, it gets them like a blank look and i can see behind their eyes the system going "that does not compute as they reset"
    and then start about the weather
    if there werent so many of them it would REALLY suck to be normal
    they would be like abnormal and the whole world would make more sense and less conditioned
    so ... more rasters will be required, and while typing this, instead of adding some
    i was typing this
    a waste of cycles
    Syntax Error
  5. 05/21/2022 :
    20:20:57: : haaa, well, personally for the (always hobby ofcourse b/c without license its taxorism and im not the sales department and the maid is on strike) websites - i have like ten ton of "between 1 and 16kb) actually 20 ton of between 0 and 16kb , if i took 16kb to 2 megabyte as one thats like a harbors container dock because linux journaling filesystems are simply made for that, i try to avoid overlays and extra gates and lines like maria and sql wherever possible so YEA - seeing that in explorer made me wonder .. like (dafuk?) maybe its somewhere 20 levels under (click here for advanced, IF YOU PAY THE MONTHLY SUB TO NOT SEE ADS IN EXPLORER)
    dont care - i doubt it will be used for more than gaming and now the C64 suite anyway , i see zero reasons to do that, i run unigine on linux, i dont hear my gpu
    i run VICE on windows 10, the fans are vacuum cleaning ...
    *no comment* (thats an rtx 3070 that took me nearly two years to get)
    20:14:40: : strange things , file is : 860 bytes, 4096 "on disk" ... search for (tiny=1024-16384) , (small=16384 to 1mb) ... hm
    so thats why you need to download 5000 things on top of the 10000 background processes running.
    i cant say im obsessed like i used to be cramming samples or something but it keeps my head from hell, though i fear if the numbers i have are right, cant find where i read that, 380 scanlines (seems like a lot), 100000 instructions per second and the screen is drawn every 1/50th that leaves about
    2000 instructions from the start of an interrupt before its back there ?
    which would mean no way in hell i can colour 300 lines bc at 7 each its 2100
    im not the numbers guy though (which is weird probably for someone who does from opcode to 1kb in 5 days, i just google heavy like a pro) so maybe im missing something - branches take 3 if taken, 2 if passed by -cycles + 1 for a page-crossover, if i loop the linecoloring and not all aer 11(times x + the other instructions to load and store and dec) but "sometimes" 12 or crackling at one side
    then im still left wondering if that is VICE or the machine would do that
    all good
    those 3 days of error weeding unigine 2.14 to 2.15.1 project took a bit of air out of it
    if things are going nowhere they should at least be interesting, not debugging
    but im sure that is on the stack
    this feels just more urgent
    is that weird enough for ya?
    16:14:01: : it spills over - it will keep doing that - ... im not hiding it either its easier
    so windows search has options like "zero : Okb / tiny 0 - 16kb / small 16kb - 1mb ...
    thats ... wide
    i understand why combell would pick linux servers
    but this is taking cycles i could be using finding the secret of time
    15:59:55: : eehw ell no, this one is more like "looking for the secret of time" and 1st1(k) turned out to be 860 bytes this morning after removing more crud so its not finished
    i kinda got the idea that dirty bits are involved since it said 380 and
    well my life was ended the day i got stuck back here, and humans are responsible so NO, i dont have anything better to do - i probably wouldnt wanna either, even if i werent mentally damaged and physically broken
    i assume since vhs has 25 fps you can do more david copperfield on a pal machine as well and i dont know what the power is of triggering more than one interrupt - i can cleary see it actually DOES interrupt the main routine by now at 50-60 lines that each have their own branch - i get small bits like branching takes three when taken as well as loading from an adress is one more than direct
    but i dont get the "sometimes 12"
    the dirty bit might explain why vice wont always start the same code, i cant time my run command at an exact 1/50/380th but it might yet be vice bugging
    it beats defending my head from drukkerland, its too full to notice it and
    NO IT DOESNT WORK FOR THE BAAS, thats why i asked so long to work from home and gimme some before i broke completely
    which wasnt possible
    until LITERALLY
    one month before corona (which was ALL THE WAY IN CHINA DONT WORRY) made that a standard
    "too late" as they say ... unless you can unbreak eggs?
    can you ?
    got 300 million?
    neither huh ...
    guess that settles it then ...
    15:27:55: : thats too many numbers to calculate, m just gonna type in every single line and branch until it crashes, i noticed my rtx 3070 makes A LOT OF WIND on windows running vice
    something doesnt feel right
    Syntax Error
    15:26:15: : planted 1st1(k) at v0.01 so next year on assemblyvision we'll release it to crush bonsai and whats left of fairlight in one fell swoop
    trying to find the secret of time - at 57 consecutive rasterlines each with a different colour the magic number seems to be 11
    however sometimes its 12 - - -
    as ZeroDesign and Syntax Error that will take some time to fall in place but - since we dont learn, all we ever do is understand and it come to be our conviction that you dont lose understanding until demented (which might be faster than we hope for, my uncle got parkinsons at around his 60th ... after a life of HARD WORK, studying, paying everything on time and making his wife and kid the most spoiled happy people around)
    o-fftopic ? okaaay
    i could mention the rest of the family but itll drain the life outta ya
    so if 11 is not "it" then sometimes 12 must have a formula to it (its a computer, it should have)
    it starts odballing at the boundary where the inner screen starts
    can get down that far since at machine level something inthere will have to use extra pico (i bet that wasnt pico yet) to differentiate somehow
    but at what?
    100000 instructions per second and 380 scanlines / 50 times per second that leaves how much for one interrupt call b/c thats what it is so far, every scanline can only trigger 50 times per second, can you put a 100 inthere?
    i saw this finnish gold demo with a scrolltext that seems to use about every line on screen but its trickery isnt it ? you dont move rasterlines, you cycle the colour from a zero page address or something, and you cant have 380 different stable lines each with their own consecutive color
    or can you ?
    m sure ill find out unless the world fixes itself before that and we move to mongolia with the cats
    did you say "program for iThing" ?
    sure, 300 million, we'll get on it
    what do you mean "you cant expect a reward" ? but crookeTim got 100 million for adding +1 to 13 ... ????? explain yourself
    not interested in ithings thank you
    but money ?
    yea sure ? got some ?
    Syntax Error
    09:29:24: : right - SO caught up in the neo-phase64 that the websites and the rest are gone, havent flipcoined in a week - so as said, the only way the flipcoin has to be obeyed is when its flipped, such is the word of the god of flipcoin, wether that is "do i cross the street now" , "do i go to school / work" today ... once you do it you have to, its manipulation prevention and quite sure i didnt have that back when so SOMETHING must have triggered it and SOMETHING must have reinforced it and SOMETHING must have kept it there until crystallized. Tomorrow de dag des heeren, ill try at least to put up a page for 1st1(k) with a .d64. did some minor things to it like mod the petscilogo a bit and have two different manipulations for the top/bot and the mid-logo section, also removed quite a few bytes so its probably under 1024 which means its not finished since zerobytes at the end dont really count as an e-sport64 ... or maybe we are weird but this is how its done
    Syntax Error
  6. 05/20/2022 :
    16:44:17: : and suddenly we find ourselves from 1500+ to <980b , adding duplicate code and strings b/c the food is cooking and this should work for a first release in 1k after two (one full?) weeks of 6502 ... we dont wanna sound like that tho - i bet elder scenoids (who should be my age very likely) would be like "but you can do that in 512 ..." , it probably can, but i think the primordial version of 1stone is baked, hello 6502-world - foods cooking, for lack of money to venice that was quite the interesting journey so far
    Syntax Error
    14:56:34: : 46 bytes over 1024 ... its actually gonna fit with some more hammering - wish it were snazzy like a mind is born but i guess we cant get ahead of the facts this early in life (aheh aeh aheh ...) do you always talk to yourself like that? nope, i never talk to myself - ... the walls, the cat, the thing crawling on the ceiling the dead guy in the corner ... the lawnmower man who's in your cables, pavlov gnome, the universe, you know
    a guy on his knees talking to the sky ... thats never a problem is it?
    Syntax Error
    12:34:01: : 1339-1024, 315 bytes to nibble - i cant say its quite fairmance or broleet meets dane the jason paige mix ... but ive seen some real nasty stuff on pouet and csdb in the last year since i paid attention so i bet im not the worst of the worst - once i get 40 years of 6502 like bonzai and pantaloon ... ill start making noise.
    "shouldnt you be ..."


    Syntax Error
    10:43:56: : hah !
    despite the pain - theres a reason why it says "syntax error" (and also ZeroDesign) - actually it said somewhere lda 0 , where it should lda #0
    and ofcourse python didnt give a "did not tab twice in line 10 error"
    i fear i might end up watching movies tonight tho - it woke me up at nine, pavlov gnome, the A.I. that never learns - so the "dirty version is a hack miks 1024b" might be ready and i can get back to unigine before starting the next one - nothing fancy, but not beating myself up after one week of 6502 ...
    im not 12 anymore after all,
    Syntax Error
    07:34:26: : nagh - the point is offsets so every second it ticks up til a number and then back to zero but the part where it sets to zero doesnt seem to happen
    xept with the timer so i dare say im fairly confused since x = x
    but i have to keep a stricter clock or ill be broken and in bed for a week soon ... i seriously overdid it staring guess since its mastoDOS already i could use that debuggerthing and step-see the value in counter1 etc ...
    its friday though, pavlov gnome will likely be trying again, dead things live outside of time they dont really have a notion that the 1950s and specially the '60s are gone (and NOT coming back obviously) - - - it can be really annoying
    Syntax Error
    07:04:24: : zetsubou, im wondering if the code within the irq isnt too large and im getting in the way of myself - the counter wont reset after 10 or 3 and im getting ... probably tired - but the strange thing is the timer resets to 0 after 50 (which should be one second) and the counter increases nicely - - so, after 1 week of ASM i am still overlooking something - should i beat myself up for not paying my money to the pope or green peas instead ?
    Syntax Error
  7. 05/19/2022 :
    19:43:28: : m - hm, yea it spills over sometimes - nothing i can do about that anymore at this stage . (im not terminal afaik, just mental) was my actual constructive idea : since i have these two fabulous oneline scanlines in white bordering a widescreen with an 8px inner-outer line at the bottom with room for a scroller later past the 1024b stage that if i can get a routine with one single one-line moving up and down (stable) i need an adaptive timer in the loop and that will tell me what it has to be ... was what i was thinking, i much prefer thoughts like those, the others are more fitting for when i claim my throne in hell for always-positive people (free dopamine you get there all the time - its kinda hard to bring you down otherwise) and if i find the secret rastertime zeus will come down with god (the other one) and i can whoop their ass for crimes against the universe
    its a win-win, no matter what
    Syntax Error
    19:21:32: : dont really understand why it crashes when i use push all to stack in a subroutine and it doesnt when i do it directly but im sure theres a reason for it, ... unlike life itself , which afaik doesnt need one - i see most of you humans overvalue your existence, convinced homocentrism is the chosen one you are - its fairly peculiar at times
    Syntax Error
    19:20:12: : wellll - yesterday i was like "how do i pas memory locations as a variable to jsroutines" and today im like if someone told me yesterday indirect indexed zeropage addressing id be like WUT ?
    the kid would have loved it, sadly you killed him to a ghost - im sure this will help save the planet while satellius gobbles up the next round of dollar easing so there's 5 dollar left to spread across the rest of the planet , so ...
    i guess if life was refused to me i can do c64 demos for the rest of my days ... maybe even an amiga if i win the local bingo
    two stable one-line rasterlines with even a bit of the inside screen - - thats the fond for a real demo though i feel theres probably more to it than the 10 opcodes im using
    at any rate
    it beats watching the propaganda - as i said : unless crypto my life was over years ago
    it looks like it will stay that way ... but
    no expectations
    no stress, i never would have thought that being dead brings a kind of peace to it - braindead in a few years as i see everyone go ... so
    maybe the people in charge should save the planet - or those who fucked it up ? count me out - could have asked back then - this is gud, i found something to do that actually has me quiet (as good as that goes anymore after all the damage)
    Syntax Error
    16:07:18: : the dawn dawned - it kept breaking and then im like : the stack is 256 bytes : THIS is stackoverflow, the first i use the word outside google (it doesnt say stackoverflow on screen ...)
    does this mean im a pro now ?
    in the end its pickles ... phatxaphatyapha != nopnopnopnopnop , its 3 cycles more - theres actuall a table in the reference guide
    this is so much better for my head than drukkerland
    so b/c of that my rock-solid single rasterlinebar flickers in the first bit again and one nop wont fix it i got a missing cycle, more like an excess one
    one ...
    Syntax Error
    06:48:30: : hmpf, back when i had one last fuck to give it would have bothered me, now its just "typical" - but the code gives the same "now i do it, now i dont" ... safe to say we wont be getting out of helgium this lifetime so REALLY ... nothing matters
    Syntax Error
    05:37:15: : but it does run at 50fps glitchless on mastoDOS - .. i feel like im being strongarmed by satellius here, also the mastoDOS version of vice comes WITH the roms while the linux one is like "RTFM NUB FIND THEM" ...
    very disrespectful ...
    Syntax Error
    05:32:42: : slightly insulted by the total lack of linux support by whats supposed to be a programmers community ...
    Syntax Error
  8. 05/16/2022 :
    07:30:36: : ..mm yes i know thats not interrupt programming but i actually didnt know lda $D012,x doesnt mean store accumulator in addres (D012+X) so theres a few things that need checking, ETA, 2025 for the first intro
    Syntax Error
    07:28:28: : using the monitor in VICE is fairly hardcore seeing as the emulator lags while typing on top of that ... being able to use xed to type the program and copy paste it for assembly is somewhat faster - a steady framerate would be great ... maybe i should drop pc-coding completely
    Syntax Error
  9. 05/08/2022 :
    07:40:01: : so totally impressed, the youble scrape in crontab worked and shows the most recent vid from retrogamer automatically, HALLELUJA64!
  10. 05/05/2022 :
    08:26:04: : the more i look at intros and loaders the more i actually see things now , the 8x8 4x colours per block, the raster section - we SEE it (very important for bums who dont have a highschool degree since we are unable to go through the state-approved process of designing and a to b to z instead of x-y skipping
    saw a bonzai intro (lol) ... even woodo compared to agenda circling forth is a bit of a difference in growth i guess altho ... im not sure about notch and havent used tool but that is outside TFA64 ... we SEE things (not just the dead guy in the corner and that thing that has always been crawling across the ceiling since we were cradled)
    and THAT
    is what matters ...
    Syntax Error

frend64, with nothing to prove, dont look to hard into it, theres nothing here unless you're interested in programming a virtual cartridge to connect vice2ip b/c we are personally too broke to get our hands on a real machine and we doubt c64toIp cartridges will be the next big thing (to connect http or async http to lighttpd or apache servers that is - since life is going nowhere, we are in NO hurry to get there
not in a rush to get nowhere , obviously - my experience with Janet ? thats a good one, as well as "malfunctioning wallet" ... i didnt know that existed on a blockchain , anyhoo - no comment