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	 /  /_\  \|  | |  | _/ __ <   |  |/    \  \/\__  \\   __\
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as _-=-w.i.p.-=-_ as the universe until 2020 + 10^1100 ever will be :(press CLICK HERE to re-start using the intro since we didnt wanna shove it up yow-a (phaser)

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     ncdefm    ne     ncdm  
    n8P  Y8   n8'    n8~88  
    8P       d8'    n8' 88  
    8b      d8888b. V88888D 
    Y8b  d8 88' `8D     88  
     `Y88P' `8888P      VP  

**** fan64@alleycat.be PETNET Version ****
9223372036854775807 MAX INT LIMIT,
2415919104K RAM SYSTEM 698326253568 PETNET BYTES FREE
< - 640 px = 2*320 - >(8px)

very well aware thats not petsci ...(2*8px)
well now its somewhat petscii but a tad off (8px)

after watching and getting the "well theres a shortage of cRPGs and strategy" moment - it pits lykia near the end . Frankly frankly ... how can one not be impressed , between lykia and pig quests vibrant colorschemes and smooth play there's like a TON every month - on this 40 yo rig . All by 90yo guys with beard living in their mothers basement who never saw a naked woman in their life and get off to 8bit pics of sam fox obviously (clearly!). every time i see this i just sit there amazed at how this thing is a coder-magnet. Not just a coder magnet, its like
"a creativity driver" ?
well, if we live another 40 years and get at a Fairli Bonzai level, totally uncensored design wiping the scene away, rpg and strategy will probably be the only game type we go for ... braindamaged as we are everythings a question mark though. ITS REALLY AMAZING TO SEE ALL THAT, the petsci ghosts 'n goblins is like "out of category" lol , no digitized hollywood actors with voiceovers and gollum in a motion tracking suit.
in the meantime, that irq loader will come in handy thanks cadavre for actually droppping it somewhere with an M to RTF - real handy for l33t noobs like ourselves ... i think its sleepy time (90 year old guys in basements need that ...)

august : yes we are weird, whoever told you that probably wasnt lying but id be careful with anything else they said, the triffids are everywhere

july : looks like the june vid got added later since it picked up (we havent been checking much and a bit sick too (physically)) and since its the end of the world its not going to save the whale on mars but - we'll see if it picks up again and if it does we'll remove the extra - but sooner or later adjust the scraper so it picks out the specific vid anyway ... atm on "irqloading" which is good, it keeps the ondergrond silent

june : the video wasnt added to the playlist on youtube so the scraper didnt pick it up ... i dont sit here on the delli checking everything on everything i ever did, mea culpa or maybe it was on purpose, in that case : "LUKE, I AM NOT YOUR TEACHER" - if you want something, ASK ...
(um, mouseover this on right joystick to scroll-enable text with mousewheel on right joystick - simulation of that will require some script over css im afraid) yes well, until Syntax Error does some scraping ... most stuff by JoG will be petscii and gfx anyway followed with hopefully some sid since commodore basic is 100 years ago and we never even got deepre into ASM than freezing and altering with a power cartridge - also , as usual, we have nothing to prove
Featured Petscii or Gfx :
by ZeroDesign
basic code here :
made with Petmate - code might need checking b/c we didnt yet
fcourse - just wait until syntax error puts the supercycling ASM under it, itl be like bonlight offending boozed up back with a vengeance (ofcourse !) - the only way to say "that sucks" is to make one and submit it that says "but i can do THIS", dont be a wanker :) (you dont have to submit btw- there are no have-to's here)
these intermediaries will be removed but we'll dig up what we have to check the site and workings
not sure - but if we ever it would have to be something like heart of the maelstrom or apshai but you know that internet connectivity ... "city of LCP 64" or Apshai-mmo ... you know but you know ... there's thousands of ppl with more knowledge on the subject and maybe one or two with a bit more skill too (hah hah) ... and yass but u-huh , we dont really work well with others unless its our harem in chains. You know, an opensource project but b/c of decades of abscence no clue on how many hard machines and how many soft ones b/c its probably easier to get some supergeek to whip up a virtual vice2ip modem than to get some other supergeek whip up a circuitboard to slot into an elder brown box and as such also and as we have nothing to prove its just hypothetical thinking. First of all ZD and SE want to try and whip this into an actual 320x200 / 40x25 page to simulate commoder webpages ... probably upscaled otherwise its gonna be hard to read on a 4K screen ... but that way the pixelratio would be there. Its "in gedanken" mate - not to beat alphabet with bezos money - just thinking ... city of LCP would always have been cool since 1980s , so would Apshai-mmo ... although you probably get a lot more loners with scenoids the connectivity online still stays. If you had city of LCP in the form of a j/cRPG with landplots to build your own base with materials gotten from playing i bet there would be some players if its a free to download that runs on vice with a virtual vice2ip modem ... i mean, people make demoez ... how would that be for a demo (lulz yes?) gud ... is playing elden ring ... not doing alleycat.be - - - shoulda known this thing would draw in.
We would like to dedicate this site to a game everyone's forgotten about - - - ... also , .. this is not CML ofcourse - but we'll try to make it look like to get a feel for it, obviously embedded youtube vids wont be happening as such without extensive moddling , which atm is above our braingrade. Why ? why do you demoze ? ah, to WIN ? well we dont ... we cuz ... ... yea, we cuz, thats about it i think. Akshully this 8px sized font in the 320*2 window is already half too small to be real unless we draw a C-webfont for use thats 4x4 px on the actual machine .. we think thats gonna be "abit" hard to keep it readable.
in the meantime this thing looks "abit" different than it did a day ago - SSssa s'gaaa ZeroDesign for ya'(we dont write jeponese sadly ... thats b/c you wouldnt let us get to the other side of the planet) and closer to a 64-fren site, we SHOULD be playing elden ring, but forgot the magnetism of doing something that has 64 in it hahah ... okay then ... thats enough for one day ... ah , we saw that raised eyebrow ... for the moment consider the scrollbar to be in the borderless zone, that makes it pixelperfect a-ok :) ... 384*2 + 320*2 inside (it gets a bit small at 320*200 on a 4k screen next to this old one here ... )
on the subject of "poke 53280,0" (small lol when i saw this and thought about the no-coding gen)
credz for 3rd party assets : one font :
the other from CommodoreServer.com

logo made with
by ZeroDesign

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le sTuff

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  1. 07/29/2022 :
    08:30:58: : ah , also, if you address your folk with "hackers" you should already know that miCrotter has a deal with the nsa for years now to just hand over everything warrantless with a standard backdoor for easy access ... now https://petapixel.com/2022/07/27/googles-nest-will-provide-data-to-police-without-a-warrant/ google will hand your panties to the police ... like alexa once called the cops by itself b/c wife & hub were having a fight.
    if anyone would ask our advice we can only repeat the same : "cloud is stealing your sisters panties, NOT providing safe backups" as we experienced when they - ... blocked it and deleted it "for no reasons given" once
    so if you have google anything with fotos or mails, know the police has them too now
    fyi - - information is information
    08:27:51: : we still have an option out for a steam deck tho since "set hardware 100% OS-configurable" sounded like a nice thing - but if its "by 2025" we might swap it if we can handson a real c64 , atari ST (not E for no blitter or else its just a blitter), amiga (preferably 2000 but 500 will do), a jaguar and a neo geo ... its more for the programming than the gaming anyway since we have a pc that rolls elden ring at "sometimes" 30fps with a €1000 gpu - - something seems wrong there (thats 2 months of money btw - priorities as they say)
    08:25:09: : ah, yes, well up to last year we would have been like "nothing wrong with unity" but you see, a company trying to be crotter ... sacks 200 mules to be competitive b/c no money then 2 weeks later buys another co for 4.4 billion. Thats just too much Crotter. The way you wipe your ass is regulated but these pukkers can just do whatever they want. So unless crotter gets split into its 10.000 companies and theres an assetvalue cap directly related to the number of mules employed at at least minimum wage (which will never happen) we seriously cant agree with that. Safe to say "the c64" didnt do that ... (and wont since the company is ded) - that said, this is no place for politics but they're making that really hard lately ...
    cmdr Gato
    07:32:46: : random numbers acquired sure theres a lot of discussion by modernists on why its not random if its not random - they probably miss the point and spend their life creating spreadsheets in unity
    "that moment when you realize (AGAIN) its not your code but the assembler directive +3 actually starts from the branch op and its +5 (and you wonder why it randomly crashed and randomly not since you didnt expect the machine to just skip operations sometimes if it gets in the middle of a jump to an instruction thats not the one it should be - and apparently it does haaaah) thats 39.75 years to go til a fairlii brozai level then
    IF your shitty world you stuck us in lasts that long
    Syntax Error
  2. 07/17/2022 :
    18:35:29: : tmpfixed the tmp entry for RetroGamerNations awesomest of the awesome roundup - we'd like to add more but dont wanna overdo it we feel they're by far still the best all-round and polished (and enthusiastic hahah) for the subject at hand at this point in spacetime
    c64! is good (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl_r4u5k-IlxW6QB8_XRvTg) but they're more like selecting new entries from the scene while RGN is an allround "whats happening at level 64" thing
    not that we need to explain ourselves ofcourse :) im sure there's many others, like making a demo and being so daring to include greets : there's always someone you forget - - -
    Syntax Error
  3. 06/13/2022 :
    11:31:20: : fixed some obscure error that didnt even show, probably halfway left
    10:09:16: : someone had a lot to say - the screaming hordes of ctulhu - i hope its all gone
  4. 06/12/2022 :
    13:16:28: : yea, if i find the way to auto-like, i'll love you all forever limited edition for a few channels but hey IM NOT TRYING TO PITE okay - if anything , "the scene" should understand THAT much - i just noticed today b/c im not all day everyday on the c64 site (i cant even get my hands on a refurbished hard machine) - the only thing i feel like apologizing for is "i should have checked after the first week of the month"
    12:55:56: : sorry for that but the scraper in crontab didnt pick up b/c the vid is not in the playlist - ... there's rules to coding, even if there's none to music - i cant blame me for that but I SHOULD HAVE CHECKED on the first week of june, that is mea culpa
    Syntax Error
  5. 06/04/2022 :
    05:27:41: : yup, all there at glance - ... thats a lucky on a flash drive that moves so much between rigs
    05:25:32: : testdisk wins ... forensics for yow-ass for bums and kids who cant afford heroin ... that thing saved so many hairs on my arse i cant even count anymore ... sadly sometimes windows is stronger in its urge to destroy anything you havent bought yet
    Syntax Error
    05:10:39: : hmm - looks like someone succeeded in removing the wrong folder on the wrong drive and the final version (.asm) of lonelyraster as well as everything that was written for the next one is gone - - ... this time i cant blame crotter unless they used lightraypigs - my head hasnt been on right anyway - i wonder how i can ML if i cant add 64 and 32 without a calculator - testdisk ... , or scrap and restart next run ... haaa - - stuff like this used to explode me - i must be dead
    Syntax Error
  6. 05/30/2022 :
    05:07:25: : hm - well it moves across all visible rasterlines with no missing flibbers - - - pardon my french, i dont have a hischool degree so the corporate garbage language is lacking ... somehow that doesnt make me feel as stupid as people with much paper like to call it
    but thats another tale ... i found something really hardcore here : yea this too (https://books.google.be/books?id=cBpsEAAAQBAJ&pg=PT92&lpg=PT92&dq=c64+set+high+bit+of+raster+line&source=bl&ots=JB6tgn9vuC&sig=ACfU3U2v6DsSU2DXzpAXU-aADWA79jX9Yg&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjk6ueW84X4AhWC_KQKHcpLCl0Q6AF6BAgnEAM#v=onepage&q=c64%20set%20high%20bit%20of%20raster%20line&f=false) i wonder why they dont have short links for those but THIS : " https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.3758/BF03202601.pdf "
    Syntax Error
  7. 05/27/2022 :
    11:44:33: : yes i heard the word about dirty lines but i wanna first see if i can find the magic number, so far it looks time timing switches on the first two lines of each "character" line since inner border starts but not sure if thats always under all conditions ... even with the world fixed , corona gone and rivotril back in town - the week-end still needs filling
    Syntax Error
  8. 05/25/2022 :
    18:31:30: : added the .d64 for "boundrless" (the how do i split a nop in half edition ?) as well as the .item on the pages , atm the pages are /d/1024b and /d/2048b , as well as /files/ for the .d64 and downloadables - an indexer that can show all entries or selected will happen sometime between now and dead||ragnarok (or demented, lets hope its not that at least ive seen enough of that)
    its shiney ! very '86 too hahah - about 6irq switches , i really thought you could push more into one but - they must all use trickery ... which is good, its all about the illusion that started with the guy with the flickering lantern anyway
  9. 05/24/2022 :
    09:22:35: : y'all have to excuse us, the .d64 for 1st1(k) is v0.02 now and the item entry has been updated but the video needs re-rendering since thats still v0.01 - if it mattered we would be really bothered - supermea culpa and all that
    Syntax Error
    09:21:23: : pretty wild, you say - id say its "not too bad for a lost soul in a broken body who picked up 6502 ML last week"
    syncing the tune seems harder since its not at 50 - but its shiney, not sure what to do with all those 8kb since i dont know the opcode for starfield but at least we learned you cant do 200 different coloured stable rasterlines within one irq call (but maye you can if you REALLY understand the cycle vs ops ratio
    that would be pretty awesome
    Syntax Error
  10. 05/23/2022 :
    15:58:48: : thats v0.03 , the interrupt was found and wanting, it had too many i thought it could do more but im not the numbers guy so i was waiting for the machine to crash - but it didnt, it just crashed "sometimes" and others gave the something result - this one werkz tho - BUT i had to use a second irq request - *blush* (not ... that was 5 days this is seven , even if drukkerland is GANGSTER i STILL spent 3 years on the street - no matter what mommy says about me (yours) i know what mine would say - i wanna not talk about THAT
    Syntax Error

frend64, with nothing to prove, dont look to hard into it, theres nothing here unless you're interested in programming a virtual cartridge to connect vice2ip b/c we are personally too broke to get our hands on a real machine and we doubt c64toIp cartridges will be the next big thing (to connect http or async http to lighttpd or apache servers that is - since life is going nowhere, we are in NO hurry to get there
not in a rush to get nowhere , obviously - my experience with Janet ? thats a good one, as well as "malfunctioning wallet" ... i didnt know that existed on a blockchain , anyhoo - no comment