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	 /  /_\  \|  | |  | _/ __ <   |  |/    \  \/\__  \\   __\
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as _-=-w.i.p.-=-_ as the universe until 2020 + 10^1100 ever will be :(press CLICK HERE to re-start using the intro since we didnt wanna shove it up yow-a (phaser)

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     ncdefm    ne     ncdm  
    n8P  Y8   n8'    n8~88  
    8P       d8'    n8' 88  
    8b      d8888b. V88888D 
    Y8b  d8 88' `8D     88  
     `Y88P' `8888P      VP  

**** fan64@alleycat.be PETNET Version ****
9223372036854775807 MAX INT LIMIT,
2415919104K RAM SYSTEM 854508371968 PETNET BYTES FREE
< - 640 px = 2*320 - >(8px)

very well aware thats not petsci ...(2*8px)
well now its somewhat petscii but a tad off (8px)

when we got back on the 64track the first thought was : the kid never got to do a demo - but we'll start with a rasterline and some colour pets + a 1234 sid tune with a pulse in track 3 and a horizontal 1 line scroller, how about it ?
so the next step felt like a fast loop switching every 5 bars, about 21 bytes, which clearly tears it up but not in a way thats wanted - tho this is still "en attendant" , moving on up - well if you think of it, poking a screen full of petsci and colouring it with nice loops in small cycles is not the rocket science but ofcourse that will be "it", we just want a straight rasterbar because ... because we want one and it flickers even in the first one, but theres no saying if that is VICE or something with the code - - - no deadlines, nothing to prove, the moment its not interesting or fun it gets dumped faster than the ex that wasnt even psycho ... okay ... (the video here clearly shows vice framedropping to 5 and back)
and there is was : the very first 'my little rasterpony', mind you for the l33t people this is ropes, waiting for D012, no irqs were harmed yet (rightclick img in new tab for full size)
poking - also lda $01 and #$01 ... syntax as they say - we are such learners, now we want a cookie ...
Thought we'd start with a rasterbar - but so far VICE doesnt want to stick to 50fps constant, it just lags between 5 and 50 so no idea if its possible to rasterbar like that (but this code is just pokey) - it started with not a wiz' hello world since its been like since the kid was 12 or something and atm we are at the level where we just found out BNE and BEQ dont RTS from JSR (i mean ... you know, maybe they did ... but they dont)
credz for 3rd party assets : one font :
the other from CommodoreServer.com

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